Пост #3235Cheshire Neko — 2008-12-17 18:56
Faith: Heya
Aazimar: Hola, mike.
Faith: Hey, aaz. What the hell is that "Nya"
Faith: ?
Uga-uga: He he, i know)
Aazimar: O'rly?)
Uga-uga: Yep. "Nya" its from the medieval period of Russia
Uga-uga: In ancient centuries, Russian soldiers used a word "Nya" as the warcry.
Uga-uga: Battling to the enemy, cutting somebody on pieces, burning out the next village
Uga-uga: they always shouted "Beat! Cut! Burn down! BLOOD! NYAA!!"
Uga-uga: my sister told me that...
Faith: O_O oh dear... your nation is strange, Aazy...
Aazimar: Yep, we like to burn villages.... So fear us! Nyahahahaha @[email protected]
*Faith has left.
*Uga-uga has left.